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HIT CZ Filtracni sacky is traditional producer of dust bags for vacuum cleaners. We are engaged in this kind of products since 1991, we are one of the leading manufacturer in this field. We are a member of international paper processing companies group HIT CZ Filtrační sáčky s.r.o. concentrated business strategy on our customers. Quality products, broad-spectrum dust bags with additional products such as deep fryer filters, filters for cooker hood, air freshener and other products, flexible price policy and best customer service, that all goes without saying. We offer our customers broad-spectrum of goods, making sales orders and customer service in our homepage or calling free of charge our call centre with possibility to ship ordered goods within 24 hours every working day after order. Direct contact with customers is maintained through our sales representatives who visit about 90-100 shops daily. We concentrate our business activities also on wholesalers, vacuum cleaner-, cleaning machines-, hand tooling- importers and producers. We are also able to produce filter bags based on the individual customer needs. Regarding customers and vacuum cleaner producers needs we supply classical filter bags which are produce from special paper with defined parameters or non-woven bags. Our company distribute bags through daughter company, in other states through contract partners. We own several certificated trade-marks and utility models.

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